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Introduction to Behavioral Optometry

The information in this section covers some basic ideas and concepts that will be helpful in understanding what behavioral optometry and developmental vision care are all about.  While I prefer DEVELOPMENTAL OPTOMETRY to describe the essence of my practice, the general public and many of my colleagues still use the term BEHAVIORAL OPTOMETRY  – these terms are essentially interchangeable in this context, so you will come across both of them throughout this website.  The pieces included cover the topics that are on most people’s minds when trying to determine if behavioral optometry provides the best option for their needs.  Topics covered include vision therapy, eye muscle (strabismus) surgery, nearsightedness, astigmatism, learning related vision problems, vision and the autism spectrum, acquired brain injury and visual hygiene.  A glossary is included for some terms with which you might not be familiar.  I hope you find what you need here, but if you feel you need more information on a topic of interest to you, feel free to contact me.